Corvallis, OR - The Certificate Program in Water Conflict Management and Transformation was established in fall 2008, and in spring 2010, we began offering a minor. To date, forty-two students have graduated with the certificate, and two students have earned a minor in Water Conflict Management and Transformation. 
In fact, to be awarded a certificate or a minor requires the same number of credits (18 credits), however the guidelines differ slightly. Only those working towards an advanced degree can earn a minor, while all candidates can earn a certificate. And of course, in the case of the certificate, one actually does receive a certificate to hang on the wall!
Besides the traditional on campus classes, students can work towards the certificate online, as a stand-alone graduate credential. Those taking online classes do so through OSU-Extended Campus Program, which offers part-time, evening, and weekend professional non-residents, the opportunity to participate in the certificate program while continuing with their careers and family commitments. 
db Hoping to positively impact the environment, the ecosystem and our lives, students and professional come to this program from all walks of life.  And after graduating, employment destinations have included: Water For People (Rwanda); Tribal foundations (Idaho); promotions within the US Fish and Wildlife Service (Oregon); and public and private mediation services (Colorado and Oregon, respectively).
The certificate program invites instructors, students, and professionals from across the state, the country and internationally to participate in case-based, interactive course and fieldwork in a multicultural and multidisciplinary learning environment. This 18-credit graduate certificate provides in-depth skills-building training to enhance personal and institutional capacity in water governance issues and strategies across distinct and overlapping contexts: Water Governance, Water and Ecosystems, Water and Society, and Water and Economics (Figure 1).
Figure 1: Overall programmatic framework