To promote global water conflict prevention & resolution

Tensions over shared water resources are due to increase as quantity and hydropower demands rise, and quality decreases, as both populations and economies grow, all exacerbated by climate change.

OSU Program in Water Conflict Management and Transformation offers focused research, collaborative facilitations and skills-building Workshops for countries and stakeholders in shared basins.


($750k) would help promote peace, environmental protection, and sustainable development through enhanced transboundary water education, outreach, and research:

  • Systematic update of treaty database for use by UN agencies and stakeholders worldwide;
  • Assess basins at risk for global hotspot map;
  • Develop electronic version of existing skills-building course, including Chinese and Spanish versions to broaden access;
  • Fund 10 students per year from the developing world to matriculate through new Master’s Degree in Water Cooperation and Peace (UPeace, UNESCO-IHE, OSU) to create new generation of water champions

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