Countdown on the Columbia- Deadline looms for the river that turned darkness to dawn

October 2, 2010
As we grow up, we have new experiences. We learn something we didn’t know before. We consider others. Make discoveries. Make mistakes. We fail and we succeed.
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Mapping the Resilience of International River Basins to Future Climate Change-Induced Water Variability

September 8, 2010
Transboundary watercourses pose a variety of challenges to the management of water resources.
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The dirty River Jordan

June 30, 2010
The holy waterway of Biblical times has become a polluted, foul-smelling stream. Can it be saved?
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Water Wars, War of the Well, and Guerilla Well-fare

March 16, 2010
To get a feel for how sensationalist the term "Water wars" is in the media, consider that a search on Google leads to nearly 31 million results.
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Community-Based Approaches to Conflict Management in the US Pacific

March 12, 2010
Todd Javis presents a case study showcasing how one community with multi-stakeholders addressed complex water issues.
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The winter 2009/2010, "World Policy Journal" focuses on Water Wars

December 29, 2009
The winter 2009/2010, "World Policy Journal" features articles addressing water conflict concerns.
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Todd Jarvis describes ground water management plans

December 4, 2009

Todd Jarvis, Associate director of the institute for water and watersheds, talks about new approaches to ground water management.

International Waters: Conflict, Cooperation, and Climate Change

November 1, 2009

Almost all human and ecosystem activity relies on a safe, stable supply of water resources. And since the resource needs to be allocated to myriad uses, from drinking to agriculture to instream flows to transportation, industry, and spiritual transformation, water management is conflict management.
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Part 10- Fourth Plenary of the 2009 RSE Symposium

October 24, 2009

Professor Aaron T. Wolf, Department of Geosciences, Oregon State University at Part 10 of the Fourth Plenary of the 8th Religion, Science, and the Environment Symposium under the auspices of His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew held in New Orleans, LA on October 24, 2009.  

Peace Talks Radio: Can Water Negotiations Point The Way to Peace?

September 25, 2009

Peace Talks Radio host Carol Boss talks with Aaron Wolf, international water negotiator and professor at Oregon State University
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